How to Take Care of Golf Equipment

After buying golf equipment(s) the next thing you need to think about is how to take care of them. There are different gold equipments, therefore there are also different ways of taking care of them. Let’s take a look at each one of them and find out how to take care of them.

Golf Clubs

golf clubsOne of the basic equipments a golf player needs is the golf club. However, some individuals fail to take care of their golf equipment properly causing them to spend more. In fact, some people say if they want their golf clubs to take care of them, they need to take care of their golf clubs first. Here are some basic rules for taking care of golf clubs.

First, store your clubs indoors. Never store it in your garage or in the trunk of your car. There is a big tendency for the garage and trunk to get very hot which can damage the resins the glues under the grip. Second, use head cover for woods. Compared to irons, woods are more delicate. Third, always keep a golf towel handy in your bag.

After each shot, it is important to wipe the face of the club. Fourth, after a couple of rounds, make sure to clean your clubs. If you fail to do this, there is a possibility that dirt may harden on the surface of the club.  Fifth, when cleaning the club always use soap, bristled toothbrush and soapy water.  Sixth, after cleaning the clubs make sure to wipe it using damp cloths. Seventh, check if there are any shiny areas, cracks or worn out areas on the grips. If you see any of these signs it is now time to get new grips.

Maintenance of Tools and Equipments

golf_accessoriesAside from the golf club, you also need to take care of other golf equipment.  Always remember to use those tools for their intended purposes. Sometimes tools get easily damaged if we used it the wrong way. After every use make sure to clean it immediately. Always keep your tools in their proper places. Of course, the most important way of taking care of your tools is to use them properly. In other words, you should take extra care when using your equipment.

After learning the different ways on how to take care of golf equipment, how can a new hobbyist identify if they already need a new one. Take for example golf clubs. What are the signs that a golfer should consider whether they need to change their golf equipment or not?

First, the player may have had noticed that his game has changed. Meaning if they noticed that they have improved from the way they played before they can now upgrade in order to improve their skills further. On the other hand, if they noticed that they are not improving at all but seems to drop from the way they play before, it is about time to change their clubs which they think fits them comfortably.

Second, it’s been three years since they bought their last equipment

Almost every day new discoveries are made with regards to golf balls and clubs. According to some experts, the longest an equipment should take before purchasing a new one is three years. However, some golfers prefer to save some money that instead of buying new equipments that would cost them a lot they rather bring it to a shop and have it repaired.

Golf-ballsThird, you were now more senior than you were before. As we grow older our games improve. There are lot things that we know that we were not aware before. Some even calls you now a professional player. It is now about time to change your equipment since you now need a stronger flex than before. Fourth, you’ve noticed that through time there is now a lot of damaged in your club.

Fifth, you noticed that in your game there is no improvement at all. Instead of going further, your game is declining. If this happens, it is now time to change your equipment.

In conclusion, these are just some of the things an individual needs to take into consideration if they are really serious about the game. Learn from some of the professionals who not only play the game quite well but also turn out to be champions in the game.


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